No matter what the people say.

I understand some of you want me to cry for Greece, Syria or the Middle East in general. Lord knows I have and will continue to pray and push for peace. Little ole me.

I understand you think my being upset over a celebratory is ridiculous maybe even a little funny. Who gets to choose who we grieve for? Some obscure footballer, past MP or musician pops off, their picture flashes up, the newscaster puts their sad face and voice on and we all move on in 20 seconds. Some we are allowed to mourn for, for who they were, who they could have been, Elvis and Bob to name but a few. Others you can feel the ‘get over it’ sign going up before the first tear even sticks in your throat.

Anyway I get it, for those who don’t it’s ok. You do you and let me do me.

My eyes were wide when I first saw Whitney. This vision with blonde curly hair doing soul/pop. She wanted to dance with somebody and I shouted me too! At 13 years old, Black and lanky, I not only learnt the words, I did the video moves too.

The press called her beautiful, she was not exotic, she was not sex, she was not poor, she was Soul royalty and I was glad.

I have the greatest hits. Dance with Somebody, It’s Not Right, Your Love. I watched all the films and loved that they had been made.

A black woman in the leading role and she wasn’t the maid.

I, like most others was surprised and intrigued at her choice of Bobby. We Black girls loved him too but he seemed a bit bad boy for Princess Whitney, little did we know how that would go. We watched the slow demise the destruction of self.

Leaping forward and Whitney was on Xfactor and we had our hearts in our mouths. Upset at the dress, upset at the let down, just upset.

I stopped watching. I no longer needed Whitney to show me how to be. I felt….sorry for her and hoped and prayed she would be alright if not ok.

Looking at the last few days of her life looks like Whitney was surrounded by friends and family and knew how to party. Whatever happened it was her choice, her voice. If I go out with my hands in the air, eyes closed, dancing that hard maybe that won’t be so bad.

We have to live our lives the way we choose, some like Whitney have a huge impact on a generation of little girls who are all grown up trying to live their own lives to the fullest.

I loved the beginning. This wasn’t how it was supposed to end.

I truly hope she’s at some kind of peace.

For now I’ll end this sharing with one of my favorite lines of her songs

Your Love Is My love.

If I should die this very day (very very very day)Don’t cry, ’cause on earth we wasn’t meant to stay. And no matter what the people say (really don’t matter)I’ll be waiting for you after the Judgement Day

About Tabonuco

Director/Producer with two feet on the ground, honouring the past,living in the moment and striving for the future.
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1 Response to No matter what the people say.

  1. Stefanie Gascoigne says:

    Loving your expression about losing ‘the big 80’s voice’ Whitney and the positive energy she gave you. Artists come into our lives and their flame can continue to burn deep within us even though sadly their own fire diminishes. RIP Whitney x

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