Film was my first love.

Film was my first love. 
Then theatre stole my heart. 
Captured my imagination.  

Me and theatre are friends for life.
In my foundation years, it gave me the tools to turn chairs into 
thrones, mice into men,to fall flat on my face and stand up again 
taller than before, once I'd learnt the skills required of me as 
an actor. 

I value my understanding of the actors approach 
it has helped me become a better director. 
In the role of a director it taught me patience and pace. 
I learnt that I was the bridge between the technical team 
and the creative team and learnt the many technical languages
and emotional intelligence required of me in this role.

Most of all I understand the power of storytelling. 
I learnt to respect the power of words and the beauty of image. 
Whether you're five years old sitting on the school mat 
or a grown up sitting on a Board,
a good story told well can make all the difference.

Which brings me back to my first love. Film. 
I've been learning the craft of film. The crew, 
the language,the equipment, the treatments,
the legal, the everything.

I like teams, I also like research and like nothing better than 
being locked in a room with a computer screen editing on my own. 

After an intensive training course on documentary filmmaking  
with Kirklees Filmmakers and support from Kirklees Council 
I have made a short film called Run Jamaica Run.

It feels both familiar and brand new. 

I've taken these first steps towards another chapter 
and it feels good. Thank you to all who shared their time.

Here is Run Jamaica Run. 


About Tabonuco

Director/Producer with two feet on the ground, honouring the past,living in the moment and striving for the future.
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