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Pit Stop.

I want to write this while I remember what it feels like. I’m writing as a wife and a mother working, a working wife and mother.  These responsibilities come before anything else. Of course I’m also a daughter, daughter-in law, … Continue reading

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No matter what the people say.

I understand some of you want me to cry for Greece, Syria or the Middle East in general. Lord knows I have and will continue to pray and push for peace. Little ole me. I understand you think my being … Continue reading

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Time to talk.

Time to talk. I don’t know the family. I do know the streets. The bus stop, the bus, the classroom the teacher, the pain have all connected me over the years. More than I had imagined. I’m tired of all … Continue reading

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Hidden in plain sight.

Second week complete. Introductions done, journey continues. So why tell this story? Lost and Found by Marcia Layne is about taking a look again at a story we all thought we knew.  Hidden in plain sight. Why do we tell … Continue reading

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Lost and Found Redux

So that said…………. I’ve arrived at the end of the first week of rehearsals. The creative team agrees that when we speak about the work outside of rehearsals we have to start with a little speech that goes something like … Continue reading

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Delight and Devastation- Written at 7.30am 30/3/11

I had just left an acting audition for Chol Theatres Beast Market by Andrew Loretto. I was coming out of semi retirement because the work was good. Buzzing excited that I had kept up with Balbir Singh’s demands after all … Continue reading

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Living till I’m not.

Big Moon, Big times and too much news. This trying to change the world lark is a bit hard, particularly when you see others on the telly in the line of real danger. Sometimes even placing themselves there to save … Continue reading

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